vendredi, mai 11, 2007

Ready to go

Flat racing is well under way and unfortunately, I am still trying to find the in-form stable. After last flop from US ranger, I am completely bamboozled by the field of the race at Ascot today. 29 runners is not easy to work out. I would go for Capable guest each way as my selection...
I was "taking part " in the 24 hour flickr, , where you had to post your pictures from the day. quite interesting to see what everybody in the world is up to.
In 3 weeks time I am taking part in Stirling triathlon with my 2 daughters, so we are all training a bit more at the moment. It is usually a great event, very busy with athletes from all over Scotland. i am sure I should be able to take some pictures and post them on the blog. My cycling training has been stopped due to strong rain in the area. Hopefully tomorrow, the sun will come back.
All the best with all bets.

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