jeudi, septembre 06, 2007

Great news

Great news on the betting where a few days ago I had a double accumulator. O.k. £3 and returns £58. Not bad but still had to go to work the next day....

samedi, septembre 01, 2007

Podcast - suite

Well after some much time spent on Podomatic, they wanted me to get an upgrade and when i refused it was then impossible to upload any more podcast. I changed to and things have started grerat again. Hope it continues.....

vendredi, août 10, 2007


Being as keen football supporter, I thought it could be interesting to make up a weekly podcast in French about scottish football. I already managed 2 of them. Now, it's still holidays time and I hope that next week, back 2 work, I will be able to find some time to prepare number 3. If anybody is interested, go to you'll find there both episodes. Please send me any comments.

lundi, août 06, 2007


Back a few days ago after a nice break. My main project at the moment is to build up a myspace page for a member of my family who has been painting quite successfully for the past three years. After a few exhibitions and some paintings sold, she wants to get even more known around the world...Check it out at Hope you enjoy the paintings.

mardi, juillet 10, 2007


En vacances en ce moment, en Bretagne ou vont se derouler les jeux nautiques interceltiques, pour plus de renseignements, consulter la page
A bientot

mardi, juin 19, 2007

Father's day

As you can see, last Sunday, the house was a bit different and the kids had prepared some posters for Father's day. It was a nice surprise and I also had a few present ( socks, book....) and a double in Sandown on Saturday afternoon!!
Great week-end.

Perth Races

A few weeks ago, already, we all went to Perth Races. Great day but very busy and I even manage to get the winner of the big race, the Perth Gold cup, Tamarin Bleu. Royal Ascot has started today, I fancy Manduro tomorrow in the main Race.
Good Luck

lundi, juin 04, 2007

kids at the triathlon

My kids were both taking part in the races. Here they are getting ready and organizing their transition area.


Plenty of bikes on show and quite a few pricey ones also....

Trip to Stirling

The weather was not great but there was a good crowd at the meeting. We all enjoyed the races and the atmosphere.I managed to go again under 1.30 and did the course in 1.25. I still feel I am losing a lot of time in the transition area. My swimming has improved a lot after my ankle injury throughout the winter and I was three minutes faster thanks to the first leg. Here are few pictures taken before the races.
Here is the queue at 7.30 for registration

dimanche, mai 27, 2007

Great trip

We decided to spend the day in an animal farm Open day and on the way we pass through the famous village. we definitely couldn't help ourselves to pose for a famous picture in front of the sign...

vendredi, mai 25, 2007

Busy times

I am in full swing for triathlon training and the race is coming next week in Stirling, for more information, you can log on . It's usually a great event and a wonderful atmosphere.
I am also keen to start properly as few other blogs with pupils at my school and here is the address for more info. : It is not the most user-friendly address but It is part of our network and we have to use the names.
I have been "playing" which quite an interesting game on Nintendo DS, especially when you know it can be played in different languages by changing the settings. So, I am also keen for pupils to try it out and see if they understand some of it.
The last thing I wanted to mention is which is obviously the photos storage website. They have also more and more facilities to get in touch with other people and I found some one having a group for hispanophiles which makes it very interesting to have conversations about different topics, and not only pictures.
Ok I nearly forgot but my bet today is for Annemasse in the 3.40 at Haydock, still finding difficult to get the in-form stable although M. Johnston is always a good bet. In Newmarket, I would go for Docofthebay at 3.55, where J.Osborne is having a great season and hopefully can score at a good price.
Good luck

vendredi, mai 11, 2007

Ready to go

Flat racing is well under way and unfortunately, I am still trying to find the in-form stable. After last flop from US ranger, I am completely bamboozled by the field of the race at Ascot today. 29 runners is not easy to work out. I would go for Capable guest each way as my selection...
I was "taking part " in the 24 hour flickr, , where you had to post your pictures from the day. quite interesting to see what everybody in the world is up to.
In 3 weeks time I am taking part in Stirling triathlon with my 2 daughters, so we are all training a bit more at the moment. It is usually a great event, very busy with athletes from all over Scotland. i am sure I should be able to take some pictures and post them on the blog. My cycling training has been stopped due to strong rain in the area. Hopefully tomorrow, the sun will come back.
All the best with all bets.

samedi, mai 05, 2007

Cycling race

In Dundee, this morning, the time trial to the top of the Law Hill was taking place. The best time was 4.14. Here are a few pictures.

What's on

This week-end, I will try to take part into who organises a 24 hour competition. Send all your pictures over there for today...
My tip is US ranger in the 2000guineas.
See you later

vendredi, avril 27, 2007

Glad to be back

So long since the last post....Only a few in April. Time to catch up and prepare May. As you can see from the last post, I spend most of my time cycling and enjoying the weather which has been great all month.
I have also been busy working on another blog for my spanish class which is at
Lastly, on the football side, I was in Aberdeen a few weeks ago and it took me all this time up to now to recover from the result : 4-2 for United with 3-2 after 17 minutes that was really incredible...
My tip today is in the 3.55 at Sandown and I would go for Road to Love from M. Johnston. At 6/1, that's a great price for the stable on form.
Tomorrow is Liege - Bastogne - Liege : Unmissable
All the best
see you soon

jeudi, avril 05, 2007

Still celebrating...

Yes, still celebrating the winner last week. And the holidays have arrived and the flat season has just started : So one word of caution, avoid all bets and temptation of a possible winner here and wait a few weeks to see which stable is on form...
During that time, start training seriously as you can see the weather has been great and my bike rides have started again. I usually go every morning for 1 / 2 hours in the countryside outside Dundee. Here are two pictures taken when on the bike.
One of them just before going into Blairgowrie and the other show the hill of Tullybuccart from Coupar-Angus, well-known to all cyclists in Dundee. If you are in the area try them or get in touch with me for more details...

samedi, mars 24, 2007

Today's winner is...

I would go for Karello bay in Newbury but with not a lot of confidence. The past few saturdays have been dreadful...

Treasure Hunt

as said earlier, this morning was for the treasure hunt in the park. Everything went well and everybody seem to enjoy themselves a lot.
Here is the birthday girl...

training in altitude

The other day I tried to change my type of training and went up the hill 5 times, which certainly made it worth while at the end because the weather was great. At the last attempt I decided too stop and take some pictures...

vendredi, mars 23, 2007


The latest update is that the achilles is back to normal and I feel great to go running again, Unfortunately, I will not be spending as much time at the computer as I have been doing over the past few months. I also checked the latest onb Second life website and I am complketely puzzled by the website. My account is still running but I find difficult to access the site.So many innovations in a few months. They have really been busy over there.. Quite a busy saturday with a treasure Hunt and a Scottish dancing competition in the afternoon...
Later I'll come back and give you my tips for the week-end. I'm sure you can't wait for them...

jeudi, mars 15, 2007

No More...

O.K., we 'll try again with Doumen as he has a fancy runner in the Gold cup with L'ami at 14/1. Let's hope that this time he brings back something on the last day...

No More...

O.K., we 'll try again with Doumen as he has a fancy runner in the Gold cup with L'ami at 14/1. Let's hope thatr this time he brings back something on the last day...

mercredi, mars 14, 2007

Not getting better

As usual things don't get better in Festival, but we still hope that we can get a lucky break and find one winner at least. Snowy morning ended up second was the nearest for the moment.
For tomorrow, I am going for the Doumen double Kashbah bliss and Millenium royal, which I tipped a few weeks ago at 33/1.
Good luck.

mardi, mars 13, 2007

First day

It's obviously not easy to find as winner at the festival, especially at such odds like 40 / 1, and 16/1 in the Champion hurdle.But we keep trying and studying the form book
Tomorrow can only be better
I have Snowy morning and Berings express as a double
Although my favourite jockey, Magnier is booked on Judge Roy Bean in the last
Good luck

lundi, mars 12, 2007

Festival Time

Really ouzzled by the entry from Chotard in the Champion Hurdle. Its price is 500/1 and I can't be too confident in its chances and still wondered why he was entered in the race after all. Each way chance ?

Tip for tomorrow : Hardy Eustace and Buena vista in the Arkle.
Good luck

dimanche, mars 11, 2007

Poor, very poor

Dreadful saturday.. What was the story behind Blackburn / Man.U. No tonight is the game I meant ( really ) and I fancy Man. city to cause a surprise...Dunne for the first goal 40/1...

samedi, mars 10, 2007


After the emotions of last sunday, this week-end should be quieter on the racing front, as we all wait for Cheltenham, on Tuesday.
First bet would be each-way at Wolverhampton, 1.50 Whodunit who is tried blinkered and comes from Johnston Yard
Sandown, 3.10 Border Castle
Chepstow, 5.20, pass me a dime
Fairyhouse5.15, afterthegoldrush, Magnier is riding at 8/1....
First goalscorer should be Larsson but price is too short so I would go for the usual Ronaldo bet. Why not Blackburn/ Man.U. as a bet for two halves...
Good luck

lundi, mars 05, 2007

Great bet

Decided to put a bet at half-time of the football on Sunday. Usual tactics : Great prices on number of goals. Saw Spurs at 12/1. Thought it was all over five minutes to go when West-Ham scored but Spurs came back to win it. Here is the proof of the bet :

Early-season training

I took part last Sunday in a friendly Sportive of 30 miles, early season cycle, with around 10 other cyclists. The whole event was organised by and was divided into three events : 70, 50 and 30 miles on offer. I certainly enjoyed the laid-back and friendly atmosphere in my group, but the last few miles from Tullybaccart to Muihead were a bit difficult.
Back running at tomorrow evening. Can't wait to see everybody again....

On a walk

The other day, I went with my daughter in Camperdown Park, such a great park, here are some pictures..

Sunshine is back*

Last Saturday was such a lovely early spring day, we decided to leave the rabbits in the garden. Instead of running away, they lied there for hours...

vendredi, mars 02, 2007


Not much on offer this week-end as Cheltenham is coming in less than two weeks. My only bet would be at Navan, 5.30 Your Sum Man. Mr. Magnier is on board and the price is still quite good.
Alos I fancy Rennes to win at Auxerre. Inside information are telling me that they are on fire at the moment, despite a poor game last week...
Robben for the first goalscorer tonight at Portsmouth.
Good luck

Back to running

The injury is over and I have been trying a few runs over the past week. I have been cycling longer as the days are getting longer and especially warmer. I will have to leave the swimming aside for a while, well at least keep it to a minimum of once a week...

mercredi, février 21, 2007

They keep coming..

Well another great day on Sunday.
Just a quick to say hello to my sister who is on a cruise in the West Indies for a few weeks. Some people are lucky and she might find the time to read my blog, although I don't know what she will make of all my winning tips.
Her blog is at
She is promising to publish pictures as soon as she comes back. Can't wait.

Latest news : My achilles are doing much better and I hope to getr back to some serious training early next week and forget the swimming-pool for a while. It has been such a long time. You acn always check the latest news of the club at

dimanche, février 18, 2007

Great Day

Why worry so much. A double yesterday was just perfect and prepares Doumen's runners for Cheltenham. And one at 33/1. I hope you had your money on it...
Little Brick won but was too short at the SP.
Today, 5.00 at Fontwell Clay Hollister, short price but a sure winner....
Football : Berbatov for the first goalscorer.
Good luck

samedi, février 17, 2007

Athlete's update

Well, I am sure many are asking for an update on my training schedule. In fact, I have been injured since New Year's day with achilles problems and has not run since. I have concentrated all my efforts on my swim and hopefully, in June for the Stirling Tri., I should be able to improve my time....
I have to admit that the swim remains more difficult than the other two sports as my technique is far from perfect and I have not really any time for lessons to improve the stokes.

More Doumen

Well, they keep coming along but are they worth a bet ? Today F. Doumen has three runners in Haydock and all could win, but I still wonder if he doesn't keep the best of the horse for Cheltenham, in a few weeks time.
little Brick at 4.00 wincanton seems a short price and would be my tip
On the ffotball front, I would go for Baptista and Ronaldo first goalscorer in their games.
All the best

mardi, février 13, 2007

More problems...

Well, everybody was wondering where the great bets would appear. Unfortunately, I had a new computer ( yes with all the money earned..) and found difficult to get on my sudies for the racing.
O.K. I still got a few winners, not the 50/1 in the big race.
Can't wait next week-end....

dimanche, février 04, 2007

A winner

Weel the winner was only second...Kelami from Doumen at 25/1
Today, all hopes are on Judge Roy Bean in Punchestown at 4.45
What about Lennon first goalscorer at 18/1
Good luck

samedi, février 03, 2007

More great ......

Already the week-end and time for more great tips. F. Doumen is again back for more, this time at Sandown where he has 5 runners. Some of them to win some each-way, in the 3.50. I certainly would back them all as some of them have a great chance.
My other tip is at Wetherby, 2.25 Haut de Gamme.
For the football, I can't really see a bet in any of the live games. Baptista for the first goal at 7/1...
Good luck.

dimanche, janvier 28, 2007


Well, plan B is obviously not working as well as I would like.
Today, everything should on on Day Day at 4.25, leopardstown. Mr. Nagner is a great jockey with very few rides, so...
I have also a bet on Mac's joy in the main race at Leopardstown.
Also, going back to Arsenal is Anelka. First goal, 8/1.
All the best.

samedi, janvier 27, 2007

Plan B

Well everybody keeps telling me to do it : stick my bets on the internet to give some advice to some lost punter....
Today is quite staightforward : at Cheltenham, Doumen family have 3 runners. One of them must arrive in the top three of their race..They are all at very good price and I still believe that those trainers can't go all the way from France or Ireland for just the fun of the day. The same applies to Cailin Aileen in 2.45
Avoid also on the first goalscorer at Man. U. too short a price.
First goalscorer for Blackburn could be Nonda, again a good price.
I'll watch Dundee United this afternoon against Dunfermline. Not worth a bet there, they are odds on to win.
Back tomorrow for more tips.

vendredi, janvier 05, 2007

Nouvel an

Pour la journée du nouvel an, on est tous alle se promener a Broughty-ferry. Il faisait assez froid et on voulait juste prendre l'air de la mer et bien surt j'ai pris encore quelques photos.....

Journée de Noel

Voici quelques photos de la journee de noel passée en famille, avec Rozenn et Morvenn. Tout le monde s'est bien amusé.

Dernieres nouvelles

Voici quelques photos que j'ai prises durant les vacances de noel. Les premieres sont d'un parc ( Balgay Park) le jour de noel, sous la neige du matin du 25/12. Je faisais un jogging et j'ai pense envoyer mon appareil avec moi et ainsi j'ai pu prendre ces photos. Je vous raasure il ne faisiait pas si froid.